The future of recruitment

Client: Tempo
Project: Brand Identity & Toolkit, Website Design + Marketing Campaign
Website: heytempo.com

Tempo Business Cards_S01.jpg

Tempo is an online recruitment platform where clients and candidates interact directly with potential employers, recruiting through a personalised, video-led profile facility.

We were approached by the Hambro Perks start-up to design a brand identity that appealed to both sides of Tempo's audience; employers and candidates.

Our role: With a blank canvas in front of us with regards to any existing branding, we approached the project from 3 varying directions, with the chosen route to be progressed once approved. From here, we applied the new look and feel to a full brand toolkit including a fully-responsive website design, marketing collateral and social platforms.

Using the full range of the colour palette to our advantage, we delivered a solution that provided clarity in the duality of Tempo’s services, mirroring the two sides of the business (Talent & Employment) depending on the user's interests.

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Tempo Business Cards_S01.jpg
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