Reconnecting London with the River Thames

Client: Tideway
Project: Annual Report Design, Marketing & Creative Support
Website: tideway.london

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Tideway are a London Bridge-based company responsible for building the Thames Tideway Tunnel; a new ‘super sewer’ running under the River Thames.

London still relies on a 150-year-old sewer system built for a population less than half its current size. As a result, millions of tonnes of raw sewage spill into the River Thames each year.

Tideway are building a ‘super sewer’ under the Thames to intercept those nasty spills and clean up our river for the good of the city, its wildlife and residents. The Tideway project is also providing thousands of jobs, a rejuvenated river economy and new public spaces.

Our role: Working closely with the Tideway team, we produced a visually-led Annual Report for both 2017/18 and 2018/19 financial years, using on an illustrative and typographic approach that suited the existing brand guidelines. We continue to work with Tideway on an on-going basis, monthly publications as well as infographical and marketing designs.

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